History buffs and those interested in bygone days will surely appreciate the 17th century village of Little Woodham. An educational and eye opening experience, Little Woodham offers visitors the opportunity to see what rural life was like for small communities around 300 years ago. Authentic and with meticulous attention to detail, Little Woodham has fascinated visitors for years. A living museum and a celebration of our heritage, visiting the village is a wonderful experience.

Take a tour of the village and you will discover traditional rural 17th century housing and costumed villagers set in beautiful surrounding landscape. Located on the grounds of the Alver Valley, Little Woodham is surprisingly accessible to anyone living in the south of England – or across the UK for that matter. Those thinking of visiting this most unique of places will probably want to bring their cameras too!

Wander the grounds and meet friendly and interesting villagers who will be more than happy to share their knowledge of the period. So revered is Little Woodham, it has won several awards for its portrayal of rural life in the 17th Century, making it one of the most trusted historical re-enactments anywhere in the south of England – or in fact the whole of the UK!

Partake in the preparation of timber, learn how weavers created garments and household items or admire the skills of a traditional blacksmith. You can even stop at the local ale house and sample refreshing beverage at the end of the day. Perfect for adults and children alike, this educational village puts theoretical historical learning into context. Little Woodham allows visitors to perfectly envision the time period and increase their general understanding – and hopefully a passion for history.


You’ll discover demonstrations of historic crafts by skilled volunteers. From weavers busily spinning wool or weaving cloths to finding a potter at the wheel – even sawyers hard at work chopping wood for the fire, there’s much that will completely transport you to the 17th Century. Open April through to October, there are few more educational, engaging and fun days out. Visitors are advised to call ahead to book a tour as opening times are fairly sporadic throughout the spring through autumn seasons. There is also suitable wheelchair access, and visitors can bring their dogs along to share in the fun.

To learn more or make a general enquiry, contact Barry at enquiry@littlewoodham.org.uk. For schools and group visitors, contact Claire on: 07947 247465. To learn about Little Woodham’s 17th Century Forge Experience Days, call David on 07970 778517 or email: blacksmiths@littlewoodham.org.uk. You can also get in touch by filling out the contact form here.


village of little woodham in the snow

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