Those who love nothing more than sleeping under the stars or learning new, valuable skills are certain to gravitate to the tailored events and activities run at Sunrise Bushcraft Outdoor Academy. Personal integration with nature can produce some wholly surprising results – and these results are something that everyone who visits Sunrise Bushcraft Outdoor Academy can experience for themselves.

As educational as it is engaging, Sunrise Bushcraft Outdoor Academy is the perfect place to escape from the concrete jungle and hustle and bustle of everyday life. Participants can engage in a range of outdoor activities, learning new skills, developing confidence and appreciating the wonder of nature.

Less hardcore than survival courses and more about helping people to benefit from enjoying the therapeutic qualities of the great outdoors, Sunrise Bushcraft Outdoor Academy helps equip people of all ages – young and old alike – with the essential skills needed to survive in the wilderness and reconnect with nature.

People sitting in a self-built tent at Sunrise Bushcraft
Mushroom you might find at Bushcraft

Run by a team of passionate individuals with a mountain of experience and all relevant qualifications, participants come from across the whole of Gosport – and indeed far and wide – to spend a few days sleeping outdoors, cooking their food on an open pit fire and learning about themselves.

Participants will learn how to build shelters to protect them from the elements, forage for edible foods in the woodland, learn about plant medicines and primitive living and recognise animal signs and tracks, all under the guidance and tutelage of expertly trained and highly experienced individuals.

With an all-inclusive ethos Sunrise Bushcraft Outdoor Academy welcomes all groups of people. Adults and families are welcome to test their mettle in the woods and children can have fun and learn about the great outdoors. The academy also accompanies parties of individuals who suffer from physical disabilities and emotional disorders, helping them to realise their potential and feel more content.

Those determined to head into the woodland can choose from a range of courses. There are specifically tailored single day, weekend or week-long programmes, each of which has been carefully designed to ensure that participants get the most from their time in nature.

As an accredited LASER award recipient and ITC centre, Sunrise Bushcraft Outdoor Academy affords participants the opportunity to attain nationally recognised qualifications in a range of courses that covers all levels of Forest School Training.

The perfect day, weekend, or week-long excursion for anyone who enjoys learning new things or who loves nothing more than spending as much time in the great outdoors, Sunrise Bushcraft Outdoor Academy is one of the most revered excursions in the region. Located a small distance from Exbury Gardens, this is the perfect way for nearest and dearest to bond and enjoy an unforgettable holiday experience.

Campsite at Bushcraft Outdoor Academy
fish being smoked outdoors at Bushcraft

Interested in learning more? Visit the website here. You’ll find specific details about the courses that’ll help you to decide if this is something that you want to partake in, images that offer a clear indication of what to expect, and the academy’s experience working with people young and old.


BIO: Sunrise Bushcraft Outdoor Academy offers anyone the opportunity to learn the therapeutic benefits of nature. Offering a range of courses run by fully accredited professionals, the academy helps people to learn, gain confidence, be part of a wonderful experience with a team of like-minded individuals, even heal from past traumas all in an idyllic woodland setting. For more information on how you can book a place on the course when visiting Gosport, click the link here.

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